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Anzen is the world's first climate wall with integrated
solid-state heating, cooling, and heat recovery ventilation

We ensure clean healthier indoors while saving on your energy bills!

Check out our first models currently in testing 

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Retrofit Unit Launch Soon!

New Build Unit on-site demo going live in May 2024

Taking indoor climate control to a new realm

Your New Build Walls in each room can be configured or manually controlled to perform these specific tasks!

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Anzen's novel technology offers endless value!


Demand controlled temperature and ventilation

Decentralised units with highest part load efficiency

Purge ventilation in the event of gas leakage, fire

Self-cleaning filter with replacements once in 2 years

99 Filtration of PM2.5 to PM10, VOCs, CO, NO2, and more 

4+ air exchanges solving damp and mold issues

5 Years Guarantee

Constant energy monitoring and nudges to save

Noise levels of only 25 dB

Less allergies and infections from dust collection

Inclusive interaction capability with gesture and voice

Adaptive to outdoor climate with cooling down to 16°C

CMF options as per your home for radiative panel

Remote maintenance and troubleshoot to save time

Room freshener cartridge module optional

How it works

We are on a mission to decarbonise 

1 million homes by 2035

Anzen generates its most additionality through the lowest cost of abatement measured as Total Cost of Ownership(£)/Carbon mitigated (tCO2e). As a ductless system, Anzen reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating labour-intensive ducting and part load operations as a decentralised system. With our simple easy-to-install retrofittable units, we can address the large market gap of

8-12 million homes where technical challenges of the building type/fabric make them unsuitable for decarbonised centralised heating. By targeting just a million of these homes, we can save over 4.2 GtCO2e by 2035. 

As a company born from the collaboration of design and engineering, we actively address our carbon footprint by operating from shared premises, utilizing repurposed materials for prototyping and testing whenever feasible, and constructing components with energy-efficient, recyclable materials.


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