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Our Journey

We are passionate innovators, a designer-engineer duo with backgrounds ranging from architecture, electrical and controls engineering, and industrial design. We want to reimagine the urban landscape as a quarry of opportunities for a sustainable future on our planet. Join us as we launch our first product in our journey to redefine and revolutionise!

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Anzen's inception

Pitching it for Stanford's Longevity Design Challenge was the beginning of our journey to change. With our target group for the lower socio-economic communities initially, we have been refining our designs ever since to make it more global. Follow the link to see our evolution from the competition.

Over 80% of UK homes, about 4 million, pose serious health risks due to poor ventilation, insulation, and heating. Indoor pollution caused over 40,000 deaths, with 1,000 more perishing last winter due to unaffordable heating. Amid a housing shortage, our question emerged: Can we create affordable, efficient homes?

We seek to steer away from this future by rethinking the very cause of the problem as a solution. 

Anzen Timeline

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Entering the air purification sector with -

Shelco, dust capturing roof panels


anzen new.png

Transformed to Anzen, a prefab wall with inbuilt HVAC and heating - to cater to a wider and urgent need

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Minimum Viable Product


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Pilot programs and case studies,  Government Regulations and Certification, 

Forge partnerships in the industry

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Launch to market

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